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Rock & Ruddle

Zebra Print Wide Tooth Comb

Zebra Print Wide Tooth Comb

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Rock & Ruddle Wide Tooth Combs cater for every type of hair including curly and wavy hair by gently detangling thanks to the wide gaps between it's teeth.  It is also a great comb to use for smoothing and styling when blow drying your hair.  

This comb is also excellent to use in the shower to distribute shampoo and conditioner evenly.  It detangles towel-dried hair quickly and painlessly.  

The Zebra Print is a timeless classic that is fun and fresh and will look great wherever you use it.  The design will never rub off as it is embedded in the plastic.  This comb has a matching hairbrush which is gorgeous too.  Buy them as a set for yourself or to give as a gift!

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