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Ladybirds Wide Tooth Comb

Ladybirds Wide Tooth Comb

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The Ladybirds Wide Tooth Comb is a great all purpose comb.  It is suitable for all hair types even curly and wavy hair as it detangles gently thanks to the gaps between the teeth.  It is also good for styling and smoothing when blowdrying hair.

It is a fabulous comb shape for using in the shower to distribute shampoo and conditioner evenly and it detangles towel dried hair quickly and painlessly.  It works very well for smoothing and styling.

The Ladybirds design is part of our Natural World Collection and as well as the adorable ladybirds includes delicate ferns and daisies.  The design will never rub off as it is embedded in the plastic.  There is a matching hairbrush too, available in large and small sizes if you would like to have a set.  

Artwork © Clare Mackie

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