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Rock & Ruddle

White Shower Power Brush

White Shower Power Brush

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This Shower Power Brush has just won the Best Detangling Brush 2024 by Hair Magazine!

The award winning white shower brush for wet hair is designed to gently detangle, both during a shower and after, as well as to evenly distribute your shampoo and conditioning product for better hair health and more powerful styling results. Suitable for all hair types from straight to curly. Great for swimming and for holidays too. This brush was requested by some of the great hair stylists that we work with. 

The shower brush is the perfect companion to all our bristle brushes which are so brilliant to use on dry hair and when styling too. A great self purchase and a lovely gift choice. 

Caring for Your Rock & Ruddle Shower Power Hairbrush: The Shower Power Brush is not intended to be used with heat, including hairdryers or extra hot water. To clean, simply remove hair from the bristles by hand or with a second brush, then rinse off with water. To sanitize, an antibacterial soap can be added to the water.

Our Bristle Types

Mixed Bristle (natural boar bristle mixed with nylon tips). Our best selling bristle choice.

Baby Bristles for babies or anyone with an extra sensitive scalp.

Pure Bristles (a full bristle pad with natural boar bristles) are ideal for those with fine or short hair or a sensitive scalp.

Synthetic (100% mixed synthetic bristles and nylon) for those seeking a vegan alternative.


Luxury  9.25 x 3.25″ /  23.5  x 7.7 cm

Large 8.50  x 2.50″ / 21.0  × 6.5 cm

Small    7.00   x 2.00″ / 17.5  × 4.6 cm

Care Instructions

Avoid direct heat on the bristles or submerging the whole brush in any liquid. If the bristle pad gets excessively wet, remove the bristle pad and allow it to air dry before replacing it. Whenever you feel it is needed, you can remove the bristle pad for thorough cleaning: First, remove all hair and as much lint as possible, using another comb or brush. Then pop out the bristle pad by pinching opposite LONG sides of the bristle pad with your thumb and a finger. Swish the pad around for about 60 seconds in warm soapy water (do not soak, as this could loosen the bristles). Rinse, shake off, then pat the bristle pad dry with a towel and let it air dry for a few hours before reinstalling it into the handle. To replace the bristle pad, squeeze the long sides again and insert it at the top of the handle first, then push it firmly back into place going all the way around the brush along the edges

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What makes a Rock & Ruddle hairbrush so special?

At Rock & Ruddle we were inspired to create hairbrushes that are both lovely to look at and that care beautifully for your hair.

In addition to having dozens of designs to choose from, Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes offer natural boar bristles, which are renowned for caring for your hair due to the structure of the bristle being similar to our own hair. Each bristle easily glides through your hair, conditioning as it spreads the natural oils it absorbs from your scalp throughout your hair, making it look and feel shiny and healthy.

Our bestselling bristle pad is Mixed Bristle (natural boar bristle mixed with nylon tips) has a nylon tip in each bristle bundle which is ideal for detangling and styling. Our bristles are also designed to encourage hair growth by way of scalp stimulation. (Pro Tip: brush your scalp well with one of our Mixed Bristle brushes before each wash, then any dry skin that could have possibly ended up as flakes in your hair or on your shoulders will wash away in the shower instead).

We also offer our Baby Bristles for babies or anyone with an extra sensitive scalp due to hair loss or medical treatments.

Our Pure Bristles (a full bristle pad with natural boar bristles) are ideal for those with fine or short hair or a sensitive scalp.

We also offer a Synthetic Bristle Pad option (100% mixed synthetic bristles and nylon) for those seeking a vegan alternative. Although these pads lack the specific attributes of natural bristles mentioned above our 100% synthetic brushes are very good hairbrushes for detangling and general hair care.


Unlike other hairbrushes of their type, Rock & Ruddle brushes have a removable bristle pad for thorough cleaning and also making it possible to replace just the bristle pad after a long period of use, rather than replacing a full brush.
Choose from our three great sizes, depending on design availability:
    • Luxury (9.25 x 3.25″ / 23.5  x 7.7 cm) exceptional for long or thick hair, or for hair extensions.
    • Large (8.5 x 2.5″ /21.0  × 6.5 cm) perfect for hair with typical length and thickness.
    • Small (7 x 2″/ 17.5  × 4.6 cm) ideal for particularly short hairstyles, for children, a handbag, or traveling.

Plus we now also offer:

    • Shower Power Brush : (8.07 X 3.35” /  20.5  X 8.50) cm for use in the shower and on wet hair.

These Brushes Make Fabulous Gifts!

Do you have friends or family members who are difficult to find a unique gift for? With over 50 designs to choose from, our hairbrushes and combs make wonderful gifts that can be carefully picked to suit any personality. And do not forget additional members in your household; One of our favourite compliments to hear is, "I had to return for an additional brush because my daughter keeps taking mine!" Our customers also tell us that they have purchased a brush for a male figure in their life who is concerned about thinning hair or a flaky scalp (see Pro Tip above). Whoever you purchase a brush for, we hope you all enjoy the great care that goes into making them special.