Our Story

Jackie & Alex

Alexandra and I worked at the beauty giant L’Oréal together for many years and it was there that we developed our interest and love for hair and haircare. It was the perfect place to learn the finer details of creating and marketing high quality products where the focus must always be on the customer.

Then Alexandra lost her favourite hairbrush and when trying to replace it discovered that it was impossible to find a brush with good quality natural bristles that was also bright and beautiful. Alexandra came to me with the idea of creating such a range ourselves….and that is what we have done!

In the years since we launched we have seen the business grow faster than we could have imagined. First concentrating on consumer fairs to test the market and to get to know our customers, then moving on to wholesaling in the UK through such amazing retailers as Harvey Nichols and John Lewis and then on to export. Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes can now be found in department stores all over the world.

Each day brings new challenges but that is the fun of running a business!

We hope that you will love your Rock & Ruddle hairbrush too.

Happy brushing!

Jackie and Alexandra