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Swallows Wide Tooth Comb

Swallows Wide Tooth Comb

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The Wide Tooth Comb is an extraordinary comb that ticks all the boxes.  It caters to every hair type, including curly and wavy hair, by gently detangling through the gaps between its teeth.  It smoothes and styles beautifully.

It is particularly useful for evenly distributing shampoo and conditioner throughout the hair while showering and it efficiently and painlessly detangles towel dried hair.  

The Swallows design is one of four designs in our vintage Collection.  The birds, the flowers and polka dots together with the muted colours are very fresh and pretty.  The soft pinks, greens and creams are muted and very pretty. The design is actually inside the plastic of the comb so it will never rub off. There is a matching hairbrush which is available in both a large and small size.  Such a set would make a beautiful gift.

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