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Peacocks Wide Tooth Comb

Peacocks Wide Tooth Comb

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Perfect for all hair types including curly and wavy hair the Wide Tooth Comb detangles effortlessly thanks to the space between the teeth.  This comb is a favourite amongst stylists as it smoothes beautifully when your hair is being blowdried.It is also wonderful to use the the shower as it distributes shampoo and conditioner thoroughly throughout your hair.  It also detangles towel-dried hair quickly and painlessly.

Our artist Clare Mackie creates the most wonderful designs inspired by nature. Lush and elegant at first glance, but look closer for quirky faces and feathery up-do’s. Who can compete with our peacocks? Stunning blues and greens make this design so eye catching making it one of our best sellers.

The comb can be perfectly paired with our matching brush making the perfect gift or a lovely self treat. 

Artwork © Clare Mackie

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