Celebrating Curly Hair at Rock & Ruddle ❤️

We have been delighted by the very positive reviews and comments we receive about our hairbrushes from customers with curly hair. The comment below is from Renata Havránková who runs a specialist e-shop for customers with curly hair based in the Czech Republic. 
“Rock and Ruddle is one of the best hairbrushes for curly and wavy hair. It is very versatile being great for gently detangling curly hair as well as being a wonderful styling tool. Thanks to these brushes you will get perfect definition. I also view the ease of cleaning the brushes as a huge plus. I love these hairbrushes!!”
 Thank you, Renata! 
 You can see her great images and specialist recommendations at https://www.instagram.com/curlymyself/
Rock and Ruddle great hairbrushes for Curly Hair
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