Curly Hair Tips from Rock & Ruddle 📚

We have been delighted by the very positive reviews and comments we receive about our hairbrushes from customers with curly hair. The comment below is from Renata Havránková who runs a specialist e-shop for customers with curly hair based in the Czech Republic. 

“Rock and Ruddle is one of the best hairbrushes for curly and wavy hair. It is very versatile being great for gently detangling curly hair as well as being a wonderful styling tool. Thanks to these brushes you will get perfect definition. I also view the ease of cleaning the brushes as a huge plus. I love these hairbrushes!!”
 Thank you, Renata! 
Please find below our list of reasons as to why our hairbrushes work so well for curly hair:
  • Natural boar bristles are gentle on both scalp and hair and are great at distributing oils from the scalp to the roots of the hair, helping to keep curls hydrated and frizz-free.
  • If you blow dry your curly hair, boar bristles are also recommended as by distributing the oils this keeps the hair strands supple which avoids drying out ensuring a healthy shine”. Gentle blow drying can create a volumized look that enhances your natural curl pattern.
  • If you like to style your curls into slicked back buns or ponytails, boar bristles will also keep any flyaway hair smooth.
  • Curly hair often results in tangling and our gentle hairbrushes offer a smooth gliding action to detangle without causing with pain or breakage. Our brushes can effectively smooth out tangles and separate curls.
  • To combat frizz, it can be helpful to brush curls in the shower with conditioner. Conditioner allows the brush to glide through your hair smoothly limiting any damage to the hair. We offer a Shower Power Hairbrush which is waterproof and detangles hair with little pulling or hair breakage. This hairbrush (available in both black and white) works very well when using conditioning products or hair colour (the black one does not stain!). Many of our customers with curly hair report that they like to brush their hair wet as this feels easier.
  • If your curly hair is thick or long, we recommend our larger brushes (Large and Luxury) with greater surface area for the most effective detangling and smoothing. 
  • Our Wide Tooth Combs and our Beach Wave Combs are great for styling curly hair and also for applying conditioner and hair oils.
  • All our hairbrushes have handles that allow a good grip on your brush whilst detangling and styling your hair.

Our aim is to offer tools that will make your curls feel bouncy, smooth and refreshed. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at.

Also, your hairdresser will have advice on the best type of hairbrushes and combs to use for your hair.


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