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4 reviews for Leopard Print

  1. Tanya Rose

    I bought Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes for all of my staff and family members last year. I was the most popular person; EVERYONE young and old loved them. Thank you Jackie Ruddle for such fun creations as well as amazing quality brushes. This year everyones getting your new combs.

  2. Amy Downer

    Bought this as a Christmas treat for myself last year. Totally LOVE it – and great accessory in my handbag as well as a great brush! Now a Rock and Ruddle addict have them in numerous colours!

  3. Sarah Rosser

    These brushes are fabulous, from their design and the way they really brush your hair and scalp. With each stroke you feel good and your hair does too. I would never use another brush they just work and last for ages. They make the best presents I have both sizes and would be list without them

  4. Alex

    You know a brush works well when despite having 6 brushes downstairs we still have to run up 3 floors to find the Rock & Ruddle. Loved by all the family!

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Choose from three great sizes:
  • Small (4.6cm x 17.5cm), ideal for your sports bag, school bag or handbag and for travelling.
  • Large (6.5cm x 21cm), perfect for your bathroom or dressing table. Feels luxurious to use.
  • Luxury (7.7cm x 23.5cm), a special larger size, only available for brushes in The Luxury Collection.

Bristle Types

Need to replace your bristles? Bristle pads are now available to purchase! Why choose our natural bristle hairbrush? Natural bristles have microscopic scales that release and spread the natural oil produced in the scalp (sebum) down each hair shaft making it shiny, supple and healthy. The bristles also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as they go through the hair. Our rubber cushion pad minimises pulling on the hair. A Rock & Ruddle hairbrush both cares for your hair and feels comfortable to use. Choose from three bristle types:
Natural bristle & nylon tips: One nylon tip per bristle bundle to thoroughly but gently brush the hair. For all hair types, great for detangling thick hair. bristle-nylon
Pure natural bristle with no nylon tip: For people with less thick hair or more sensitive scalps. Also great for small children. natural-bristle
Very soft bristle for babies: Ideal for the under 2s, only available with the small size brush. baby-bristle

Caring for your brush

Firstly gently remove any hair from the brush and bristles.Wash the bristles by dipping them in warm soapy water. Carefully rinse with cold water and towel dry to remove and soak up any excess water.The bristle pad may be removed for thorough cleaning and then clicked back into the brush back. Avoid submerging the whole brush.