…..or why a natural bristle hairbrush is the best beauty investment you will make…….

Our team at Rock & Ruddle have created a range of hairbrushes that combine beautiful and colourful designs with a really effective natural bristle hairbrush at a price well under many of our competitors.

An article in Australian Elle magazine included Rock & Ruddle in their recommended products and also described in a detailed way why investing in a good hairbrush is so important:

“We’re here to tell you hairbrushes are an underrated beauty buy you don’t want to skimp on. One that will give you incredibly glossy hair if you let it…..”

“Aside from removing knots, a good quality natural bristle hairbrush distributes sebum from the root to the tip of the hair, leaving it well moisturised and shiny all over.”

“These brushes dramatically reduce frizz”.

“Even if styled hair really isn’t your thing, brushing your hair once a day with one of these shine masters makes for a healthier scalp, and fuller-bodied, frizz-free hair that grows at its optimum rate”.

To read this article in full please follow this link: https://www.elle.com.au/beauty/why-a-natural-bristle-hairbrush-is-a-worthwhile-investment-13590