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What’s the hype about hair oiling?

Hey! I’m Shaya the social media and influencer manager here at Rock & Ruddle! I come from an Indian heritage and within my culture, since I was a young child, my grandma, mum and aunts have always oiled my hair with their secret recipe blend of oils and I wanted to share this hair oiling secret with all of you! 

Indians have been known to have beautiful long, thick and shiny hair. I think it is to do with all the hair oiling that we do! Hair oiling is part of the Indian science of Ayurveda and is a very sacred ritual within our culture. It is typically done before taking a shower or before bed at night. The hair oiling ritual consists of harnessing the powers of the natural oils and working them into the scalp by massaging giving moisture and nourishment to the scalp and hair. Helping to reduce dryness and giving our hair strength, softness, thickness and of course making it shiny. 

Hair oiling is a tradition of bonding that has been passed down from generation to generation. When my grandma lived with me it was our tradition every Sunday morning for her to warm up her special blend of oils on the hob and then I would sit in front of her and she would spend an hour or so rubbing in the oil and massaging it on every part of my hair. She would then brush through my hair with a comb much like the combs in the Rock & Ruddle collection and plait my hair and tell me to leave it overnight and wash it the next morning. 

So, what’s in our special blend of oils? Check out the recipe below:

Add all the below oils in equal parts: 

•          Sesame oil 

•          Castor Oil 

•          Olive Oil 

•          Almond Oil 

•          Coconut Oil 

•          Alma Oil 

Part your hair from bottom to top and rub the oil in from scalp to end. Comb through with your Rock & Ruddle comb to make sure that the oil is evenly distributed. Then braid your hair in a protective style and either leave overnight or under a cap to add some heat to your scalp to allow the oils to seep in. Wash thoroughly and use once a week to see the results of beautiful soft, shiny and strong hair!

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