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What we love most at Rock & Ruddle….

Nothing makes our team smile more than the happy reviews that we receive from our customers. Ever since we launched Rock & Ruddle in 2012 it has been joyful to hear how our customers love our hairbrushes. A big thank you to those who have sent us your reviews and comments. Happy phone calls have been wonderful too.
A quick recap of our best selling points for anyone reading this story who is new to our brand:

·  Our hairbrushes make your hair healthy and shiny with the added benefit of pain free detangling. They also help create volume.

·  Natural bristles for all hair types

·  Vegan bristle option

·  Our designs, personalised designs and even your own designs are available

·  Large size and small size hairbrush

·  Washable, removable and replaceable pads.

· Great combs

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