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There is no Ouch in Rock & Ruddle 😊

Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes are famous for creating beautiful silky and shiny hair. Our hairbrushes detangle gently and spread the natural oils from the scalp to the tips of your hair which both conditions and makes your hair look so healthy. One feature of all our hairbrushes that we are we are so happy and proud of is that our hairbrushes do not pull when they detangle. This is a quality that is much appreciated by children and adults alike, especially those with sensitive scalps. We receive so many happy messages from our customers appreciating that our hairbrushes do not pull which we love. Many tell us of children for whom hair-brushing was an ordeal and who now are happy to have their hair brushed with their Rock & Ruddle brush and also love our happy and colourful designs.

Rock & Ruddle – Turning brushing your hair from a task to a treat!

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