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We wanted to post a story to express our gratitude to amazing photographer Nick Moore for his contribution to the success of Rock & Ruddle since 2012. Thank you Nick for your lovely words and fabulous images:

I remember so clearly being asked by Alexandra and Jackie if I would be interested in working with their new company, to be called ‘Rock & Ruddle’. They would be making high quality hairbrushes to fill a gap in the market they had spotted – brushes where the design doesn’t rub off, in different sizes with a choice of bristle types and that lovely luxurious feel.  I suggested that it might be good to run some test shots in the studio before either of us committed to each other and some prototype brushes arrived which were GORGEOUS.  I knew there and then that I really wanted to work with this product and (in case you don’t already know it) these lovely people.

I worked hard on those pictures and was delighted to be appointed photographer for the then range of two brush sizes in eleven different designs.  Little did I know that nine years later, I would have photographed over 90 hairbrush and comb designs as well as the recently launched Super Size Luxury hairbrushes and that the pictures would be used globally at some of the most famous and respected retailers in the world.

I have been very lucky to work with some truly great photographers (and assist some of the greats when I was learning the trade).  Over the years, I have found myself alone in a room photographing world leaders, given “just three minutes” by a very famous musician (several hours after the appointed time) and have braved tear gas and rubber bullets in riots in the Far East amongst many other adventures, usually wondering how on earth this all happened. My cameras have taken me to exotic locations like the British Virgin Islands for a yachting magazine and a very unexpected call up from 10 Downing Street in recognition for photographic work to good causes.  

That’s all great but I’m really at my happiest just working in my London based studio taking pictures for the likes of Rock & Ruddle with my four legged assistant Lotta who really isn’t very much help.  

Do drop by and say hello if you would like to at or drop me an email at – Lotta and I will happily take a break to say hello.

Nick a very long time ago….

Nick a long time ago ……

Nick not very long ago…

Nick very recently….

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