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Our Team’s Handbag Essentials ūüĎú

Here at Rock & Ruddle we all believed you should always be armed with your favourite¬†products in your handbag …. how many depends on how big your bag is! We thought that it would be fun to share our favourite items!

Alexandra Rock¬†‚Äď Co-Founder of Rock & Ruddle. I love my new vegan small¬†rucksack style bag recently bought from M&S. I can fit my laptop¬†in it and too many other items… my friend who is an osteopath recommends a ruck sack for¬†those who carry too much about… Lip Gloss by Lily Lolo (a lovely UK brand for natural make up). Hand cream by Neal‚Äôs Yard (smells soooo lovely). Face Mask (hand made by my neighbour Hawa. Thank you!) Hand Sanitiser from Aromatherapy Associates (smells amazing!). Pulsin (a delicious and healthy protein snack bar to keep me away from sweets!) iPhone with silicone Bad Bear case which makes me smile and bounces when I drop my¬†phone… Sunglasses from Specsavers which look like my Ray Bans which are long lost… Notepad from Sainsbury‚Äôs. ¬†Two foldaway bags from SAKitToME which I use again and again and love and I can add¬†everything to that which doesn‚Äôt fit in my bag!¬†Chilly‚Äôs water bottle.¬†My small Rock & Ruddle Folio Society Stripe hairbrush which is bright and happy and makes¬†me think about the beach.

Jackie Ruddle¬†‚ÄďCo-Founder of Rock & Ruddle¬†My favourite handbag at the moment is a crossbody one. I love having one of my hands free¬†and not getting a shoulder ache!¬†I have a thin wallet for cards and cash and a separate Paloma Picasso business card holder.¬†As far as make up goes I only keep a Glossier lip gloss in mybag as I am not very good about¬†reapplying make up on the go but I don‚Äôt like tangly hair so I am good about using my¬†favourite small size Rock & Ruddle hairbrush in Rose Gold before I get to where I am going!¬†I have reading glassed by Izipsi and lovely¬†brand-new sunglasses from RayBan.¬†A couple of face masks and hand sanitiser hand wipes by Popfresh plus a bag for life by Re-Uz London are the only other things I can fit in.

Fiona Sutherland ‚Äď Customer Services Manager. Like everyone I have different handbags for different needs, depending whether I am¬†walking the dogs, shopping, playing tennis or going out (I am dusting these off as they¬†haven‚Äôt been used in a while!) The main contents for any handbag I use are:¬†Hand cream¬†‚ÄďI love L‚ÄôOccitane for dry¬†skin but any will do. Lipstick¬†‚ÄďChanel Rouge. Coco Shine¬†Maui Jim‚Äôs Sunglasses¬†‚Äďtruly the best sunglasses ever. ¬†Water Bottle (if I can fit it in). Headphones (if dog walking). Poo-bags (if dog walking). Bright pink Aspinal of London purse which seems to fit ‚Äėeverything‚Äô in it and I love it. Face mask¬†‚ÄďHush, Pink Leopard is my favourite. Thank you Father Christmas!¬†Hand sanitizer¬†Last, but by no means least, my small personalised Leaves¬†& Berries Rock & Ruddle¬†hairbrush,a must in anyone‚Äôs handbag!

Shaya Pabari¬†‚ÄďSocial Media & Influencer Manager. I always tend to carry around quite small handbags¬†as I am always on the go and frequently¬†take the London underground.¬†So I try to make sure that whatever I have is travel or mini¬†sized! No.1 that I always throw into my bag is my everyday lip combo, which is¬†MAC Soar Lip Liner,¬†Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Day Slayer and Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. This Fenty lip¬†gloss is a must have for any ladies of colour!¬†I always tend to be running here and there so I do get shiny quite quickly so I always carry¬†around a mattifying powder. My¬†favourite is¬†MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Powder with a¬†Morphe retractable powder brush. I am all about keeping things slim and minimal so I carry all¬†my essential cards in a YSL card¬†holder. Of course you never know when the sun is going to come out in London so I always carry¬†around my favourite Ray Ban sunglasses.¬†I have super long hair which tends to get tangled up during the course of the day so I¬†always¬†carry my small Rock & Ruddle Peacocks hairbrush to make sure my hair always looks sleek! Lastly my hand sanitiser and two masks (of course!

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