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Our Big Splash- The Super Size Luxury Rock & Ruddle!

Rock & Ruddle was co-founded by Alexandra Rock & Jackie Ruddle. Manufacturing high-quality hairbrushes and combs featuring bright and beautiful designs. In response to popular demand from our customers we are super excited to announce the launch of our Super Size Luxury Hairbrush range! Our new gorgeous Super Size Luxury Brushes are extra large (23.5cm long) giving a smooth styling finish quickly and efficiently thanks to a large brush head and our top quality bristles. All our brushes feature bristles that care for your hair by detangling without pulling and conditioning by distributing the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair with each swipe. Hairstylists love to use these brushes with hair extensions too. You can also pop out our bristle pads to clean them easily! Our new Super Size Luxury Brushes are available in glamorous metallic and sparkly designs in bright Lemon, soft Lavender and cool Ice Blue! All available with our mixed bristles, our most popular bristle type!

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