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Let’s talk about our Rock & Ruddle bristles! 😊

Our bristles are one of the key features of our hairbrushes! Our hairbrushes offer natural bristles which are renowned for caring for your hair detangling and conditioning your hair by spreading the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair making it glossy, supple and healthy. 

Our hairbrushes offer a choice of 4 different bristle types. The choice of bristle type will depend on your hair type: 

  1. We offer mixed bristles with a nylon tip in each bristle bundle which is ideal for detangling and conditioning normal to thick hair. This is our best-selling bristle pad type. 
  2. For those with fine hair or a sensitive scalp we offer a very gentle 100% pure natural bristle hairbrush.
  3. For our youngest customers we offer a lovely very soft white natural bristle hairbrush in our small size brush. This bristle type is ideal for baby’s first hair and up to the age of around 2 years. 
  4. We also offer a 100% synthetic bristle pad with nylon tips for those seeking a vegan alternative. 

We have a bristle for every hair type!

In addition our pads can all be removed from our brush backs for easy and thorough cleaning!

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