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Is it now Pooch and Puddle at Rock & Ruddle?

For a little while we have been thinking of creating a range for our best furry friends. What our secret detectives have discovered is that many of our customers are already using our hairbrushes to brush their cats and dogs! 
It seems that our mixed bristle pads work a treat when brushing both cats and dogs. Our bristle pads can be removed to be washed which is a  great feature when keeping our pets clean and tidy. Our hairbrushes do not pull when you brush and this is a great news for pets and humans alike.
Over time we have received some gorgeous photos and comments.

Sir Wallace 

“Well I have tried 5 different DOG brushes and they either poke his sensitive skin or pull his hair! He was on the verge of biting me every time I groomed him…. well I figured since my Rock and Ruddle brush works so well for me that it would work on Wallace! Well sure enough my brush worked well on his tangles! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful product!!❤️❤️❤️
Colleen D


“This is my own bred lovely lad Harley. He is Cream Shaded Cameo Persian . Harley loves to be brushed with his very own Rock & Ruddle Cats & Dogs brush. Harley is a prize winning cat & he needs to always be looking his best!”
Carole P


This is gorgeous Esher an Old English Sheep Dog who  is featured by one of our loyal customers on her Rock & Ruddle Design Your Own hairbrush.
” I will be ordering a brush or two for my Old English Sheepdogs, who we show, and actually one of them won her class at Crufts” 

Mel R

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