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Clean Clean Clean!

For many years before Jackie and I launched Rock & Ruddle we had been lucky to have discovered traditional natural bristle hairbrushes. I loved these brushes because they made my hair shiny and silky and they detangled without pulling. My daughter and I are both really sensitive to having our hair pulled so this was an wonderful feature. The only issue two issues I ever had with these hairbrushes, which inspired Jackie and I to create Rock & Ruddle, were that I dreamed of having a brush featuring a lovely design and also I found these brushes difficult to keep clean. 
We decided to launch our hairbrushes with bristles that could be easily removed to be cleaned. They are simply designed for our customers to be able to pull the bristle pad out of the brush back, comb any loose hairs from the bristles and then gently wash in warm soapy water before drying and pushing back into place. I like to use a very small amount of my favourite shampoo when I wash my brush.
This has proven to be a very popular feature with our customers and also with hair stylists using our brushes who can disinfect the bristles so easily. 

Rock & Ruddle – Turning brushing your hair from a task to a treat! 

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