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Always wanted beautiful swishy hair that grows thick and plentiful? We all do!

Here are a few tips from Rock and Ruddle both from a nutritional and a lifestyle perspective to ensure that you enjoy shiny locks all year around.

Use a great hairbrush! A hairbrush that has natural bristles helps to condition your hair by pulling the sebum (natural oils made by your scalp) down each shaft of hair keeping it supple and shiny! A Rock & Ruddle hairbrush with natural bristle will keep your hair gorgeous and glossy whilst making you smile too with their beautiful designs.

Don’t wash you hair too often as you will wash away the natural oils and cause your hair to become dry.

Use good quality mild organic shampoos to cleanse your hair gently. My personal favourites are Neal’s Yard and Organic Surge Shampoos and Conditioners.

Eat well! For optimum condition your body and your hair need a great supply of nutrients just like your car needs good fuel to run well. Your hair is made of protein. Make sure there is enough quality protein in your diet and your hair will benefit greatly. Not enough protein and your hair risks to become dry and brittle and then break. Choose lean meats such as turkey and chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs. Good vegetarian sources include legumes and nuts.

Include lots of foods with good supplies of minerals important to hair growth. These include iron from red meat, chicken and fish which are easily absorbed as they exist in these foods in the most bio-available form. Vegetarians can find good iron sources in lentils and other green leafy vegetables and salads. Zinc and selenium are important too and can be found in beef, eggs, nuts. and oysters.

Include lots of food with good supplies of vitamins vital to hair growth. These include Vitamin A from orange and yellow coloured vegetables as well as from animal products such as liver. Vitamin C from fruit (berries are a wonderful source) and sweet potatoes and peppers as well. Vitamin E from nuts and seeds. Biotin found in whole grains, egg yolk, liver and yeast.

Essential Fatty Acids are vital fats for good health as well as for healthy hair. Our body can not make these so a good supply in our diets is very important. You will find omega 3 in oily fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel and also in plant sources such as nuts and seeds. Omega 6s are good too and are found in nuts and seeds aswell.

A good quality supplement can be helpful at times of stress and if your hair is looking out of condition. You can consult a nutritional therapist for advice.

A great tip from my hairdresser has been to rub some coconut oil into the ends of my hair when they are dry and then tie my hair up over night. Wash out in the morning and you will find the tips of your hair soft and conditioned.