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Baby Rock & Ruddle

Spring is in the air and we are seeing so many gorgeous babies out and about in their prams in the parks of London.
Rock & Ruddle delight in creating beautiful baby brushes in a myriad of gorgeous designs. You can choose from one of our existing designs or personalise a hairbrush with the name of your special little one or even create a unique design yourself with our Design Your Own service.
We have a selection of bristle types to suit every hair type. For babies up to around two years of age we recommended our baby soft bristle pads which gently brush their hair and spread conditioning oils from scalp to the tip of each hair strand.
Our hairbrushes make beautiful long lasting gifts for births and christenings and even baby showers … which are so popular in America and becoming popular here too.
We have some gorgeous baby pictures to share with you. 

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Rock & Ruddle Art Competition 2021

After the wonderful success of our first Art Competition last year we thought it would be great to hold a design competition again this year. Our competition is open to aspiring artists of any age. We will have three winning age categories: one for the under 10s, one for those 10 to 18 and one for those over 18. Our winners will be announced at the end of April 2021.

The prize will be a large Rock & Ruddle hairbrush for you with your very own design on it! ❤️

We now have a “Design Your Own” hairbrush service on our website (inspired by our competition last year) and we see many gorgeous designs from customers throughout the year…

If you would like to join in please read more about the competition and  join in at the link below:

Here is one of our younger artists creating his entry. 

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You have let us know that you love that our hairbrush pads can be removed to thoroughly clean your hairbrush.

We have also had customer requests that they would like to purchase new pads for their brushes SO we have now added a feature of being able to buy a replacement pad for your brush in both our small and large brush size and in any bristle type.

Your perfect brush!

Please order at

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We are excited to announce the launch of our unique
“Design Your own Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush” service on our website.

Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle created Rock & Ruddle in 2012 offering top quality natural bristle hairbrushes and combs in a myriad of gorgeous designs and colours.
This new idea for our unique new “Design Your Own” service resulted from the success of a super popular lockdown art competition held in April, when competition entrants created their own brush designs. Following the demand for combining personal creative input with the finest quality hairbrushes we are excited to now offer our customers the chance to create their own personally designed hairbrush.

You can find Rock & Ruddle’s irresistible range and our “Design Your Own” service here on our website.

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Rock & Ruddle and Naturtint teamed up this May to offer a lockdown hair survival kit of dreams 🌿🐞

Congratulations Lyn and Hannah who were the winners of our Lockdown Hair Survival Kit competition and each won a large Rock & Ruddle LadyBirds Hairbrush and matching Wide Tooth Comb AND a Naturtint Premium Hair Colour, Colour Shampoo and Protective Conditioner.

The competition captured the mood of the moment for the need for home hair care. To celebrate all the lovely entries and comments we received we offered everyone a 20% off ALL Rock and Ruddle products until the 31st May when using code PERFECTHAIR2020.⠀

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Our Rock & Ruddle Vintage Collection

We were inspired to create our Vintage collection at Rock & Ruddle by the popularity of retro fashion and vintage clothing in London where we are based. It seems to us that people of all ages love these beautiful gentle patterns combined with animal and floral prints in soft colours. The designs give a timeless and feminine feel. The hairbrush and comb collection look beautiful on a dressing table and are perfect to take out and about in a handbag or beach bag. Choose from our four Vintage designs. The items in this collection make perfect gifts.

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Rock & Ruddle Takes Flight

Rock & Ruddle has always strived to combine a top quality natural bristle hairbrush with really fun and beautiful art.

This Spring Jackie and Alexandra have been delighted to launch a really exciting range of hairbrushes which they have called “The Feathered Friends”. This quartet of hairbrushes feature gorgeous bird designs including flamingoes, lovebirds, peacocks and a duo of Jambu Fruit Doves “Making Up”.

Once again a collaboration with artist Clare Mackie has enabled Rock & Ruddle to offer these unique and gorgeous brushes to customers around the world.

Clare has incredible and enviable talent creating beautiful and whimsical characters and designs in all her work. The “Feathered Friends” collection has been inspired by Clare Mackie and Polly Pullar’s illustrated book “A Winged Collective.” This treasure of a book features descriptions of collective nouns for birds as well as Clare’s illustrations. We wholeheartedly agree with Mark Hedges in his foreword to the book: “Together Clare and Polly have cooked up a storm of hilarity and detail: not only are you going to have a book to treasure visually, but also one to learn from”. Jackie and Alexandra have learned that their brushes feature a flamboyance of flamingoes, a cleaving of lovebirds and an ostentation of peacocks! Wonderful!

Beautiful brushes and fascinating books….is there a collective noun for this?

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Four Golden Rules for Perfect Hair Brushing

1.  Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. 
Use a Rock & Ruddle wide tooth comb to get the tangles out instead.

2. Choose the right hairbrush.
A Rock & Ruddle paddle shaped hairbrush with natural bristles on a rubber cushion will be the kindest to your hair and best for daily brushing.  It will detangle your hair without breaking or pulling.



3.  Work your way up from the bottom.
Start with small gentle strokes from the bottom and work your way up to the scalp. If you start by pulling from the top, the hairbrush will make the tangles tighter.



4.  Lots of strokes.
Keep brushing once you have got all the tangles out to increase the shine.  The oils from your scalp are healthy ones that will strengthen and enhance your hair as well as making it look sleek and shiny as long as you use a brush with natural bristles. Natural bristles have microscopic scales on them which carry the oils down the hair shaft.  Plastic bristles do not work like this and won’t give you the same effect.



Happy hairbrushing!

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Cool Combs for a Great Hair Day, Every Day


Combs are absolutely a hair must have!

Indispensable for straight partings, perfect pony tails, beautiful buns and sleek and tidy hair wherever you are.

Rock & Ruddle Combs are available in three sizes:



A Wide Tooth Comb, essential for detangling wet hair and great for applying colour.




A Handle Comb for smoothing and styling all types of hair.




And a Pocket comb which is ideal for shorter hair and for tidy hair on the go.



All are available in the most popular Rock & Ruddle designs. Perfect partners for Rock & Ruddle natural bristles hairbrushes!

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Why and how to choose your Rock & Ruddle hairbrush?

At Rock & Ruddle we were inspired to create hairbrushes that are both lovely to look at and that care beautifully for your hair.


Here are some of the key features of our hairbrushes that will help you to choose your Rock & Ruddle

  1. Our hairbrushes all offer natural bristles, which are renowned for caring for your hair due to the structure of the bristle being similar to our own hair. Each bristle easily glides against and through your hair detangling and conditioning your hair by spreading the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair making it glossy, supple and healthy.

Our hairbrushes offer a choice of three different natural bristle types. The choice of bristle type will depend on your hair type:


We offer mixed bristles with a nylon tip in each bristle bundle which is ideal for detangling and conditioning normal to thick hair. This is our best selling bristle pad type.


For those with fine hair or a sensitive scalp we offer a very gentle 100% pure natural bristle hairbrush.



Finally for our youngest customers we offer a lovely very soft white natural bristle hairbrush just in our small size brush. This bristle type is ideal for baby’s first hair and up to the age of around two years.



2. Rubber Pads: the rubber pads in our hairbrushes ensure that brushing your hair feels gentle and does not pull your hair, which could cause damage (breaking and tearing) to the individual hair strands. In addition the rubber pads ensure that the brushing action is not painful which is a feature much appreciated by many of our younger customers and their Mums and Dads too! Rock & Ruddle transforms hair brushing from a task into a joy.

3. Designs: Please choose the one you love best! It can be difficult to choose…




4. There is a choice of a small size hairbrush ideal for handbags and sports bags or a large hairbrush that is luxurious to enjoy in the comfort of your home.






5. Easy to clean. Our hairbrushes have been designed so that you can take out the rubber bristle pads in order to clean your hairbrush. Simply gently remove old hair from the brush and bristles with your Rock & Ruddle comb (coming soon!). Wash the bristles by dipping them in warm soapy water. Carefully rinse with cold water and towel dry to remove and soak up any excess water. The bristle pad may be removed for thorough cleaning, and then clicked back into the brush back. 
 Avoid submerging the whole brush. Which could trap water behind the bristle pad and not dry out properly.

Treat yourself or gift a beautiful personalised Rock & Ruddle hairbrush to a special person.

Love your Rock & Ruddle hairbrush!