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Let’s talk about our Rock & Ruddle bristles! 😊

Our bristles are one of the key features of our hairbrushes! Our hairbrushes offer natural bristles which are renowned for caring for your hair detangling and conditioning your hair by spreading the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair making it glossy, supple and healthy. 

Our hairbrushes offer a choice of 4 different bristle types. The choice of bristle type will depend on your hair type: 

  1. We offer mixed bristles with a nylon tip in each bristle bundle which is ideal for detangling and conditioning normal to thick hair. This is our best-selling bristle pad type. 
  2. For those with fine hair or a sensitive scalp we offer a very gentle 100% pure natural bristle hairbrush.
  3. For our youngest customers we offer a lovely very soft white natural bristle hairbrush in our small size brush. This bristle type is ideal for baby’s first hair and up to the age of around 2 years. 
  4. We also offer a 100% synthetic bristle pad with nylon tips for those seeking a vegan alternative. 

We have a bristle for every hair type!

In addition our pads can all be removed from our brush backs for easy and thorough cleaning!

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We would ❤️ your vote!

The much-anticipated shortlist for the 2021 Pure Beauty Awards has been revealed!

Our team here at Rock & Ruddle are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the 2021 Pure Beauty Awards in the Best New Beauty Accessory or Brush category.

Just under 600 entries were reviewed and the shortlist was then curated by Pure Beauty’s award-winning editorial team, and now it’s over to Pure Beautyreaders and members of the public to vote for their favourites. 

Voting can be placed online here. Everyone has until September 24th at 5pm to place their vote.

We are hoping to celebrate in style during the live reveal of the winners at the much-anticipated award ceremony due to take place on Thursday 28th October!

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Rock & Ruddle return to School and Uni 🎓

Our competition can be viewed on Instagram and FaceBook:

A big thank you to The Pyjama House for working with us on this lovely competition for all our customers and followers. You can find their gorgeous range of nightwear at

Thank you also to our wonderful models Etta and Charlotte Longden who made our photo shoot in beautiful Cornwall so much fun! 

@tssssssszt @wilhelminamodels @charlotte.longden

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Viva Las Vegas!

Last week Rock & Ruddle exhibited at the famous trade show Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas for the very first time.  We wanted to spread the word about our hairbrushes to retailers, salon and spa owners and stylists in the U.SA.

We were surprised and delighted at how international the audience was with many visitors from Asia and South America attending despite Covid.
Our hairbrush wall was a real show stopper and got us a lot of attention including an appearance on national tv as part of a round up of the whole show.  

The customers were almost all experts in haircare but nevertheless they were really interested to hear from our stylist team members about the detangling and healthy hair properties of our brushes and particularly about how good they are to use on hair extensions. We had a cute mannequin with extensions so people could try it themselves which was very effective in showing how gently but effectively the bristles glide through them.  The stylists loved it!

It was fantastic to share experiences and learn more about how the haircare market works in such a huge and diverse country.   
Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes are now available in salons all over the United States!   

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The Daily Mail 🗞

We are so proud to have been able to share our story about Rock & Ruddle. It has been a fascinating experience and learning curve to have been able to launch our business and offer our idea of high quality and gorgeous looking hairbrushes to our customers. Times have been both interesting and challenging since we launched in 2012. Thank you to the Daily Mail for this lovely feature and to all our customers for your support.

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Rock & Ruddle features in SLOAN! Magazine spotlight on Luscious Locks.

SLOAN!, launched in 2015, is a luxury lifestyle magazine for readers in London and beyond! Each edition of SLOAN! Includes celebrity interviews, expert articles, features on people talented in their field in addition to reviewing restaurants, hotels and products. 

We are delighted that SLOAN! Magazine have featured our Large Rock & Ruddle Flamingos Hairbrush in their ‘Lucious Locks: Top 10 Summer Hair Care’ article.

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Our hair goes through it all during the summer season! Before you even think about styling your hair this summer, you need to start treating your beautiful locks to hair masks and treatments to keep it in perfect condition. 

The sun gives off harmful rays which can dry the hair, particularly hair that is chemically treated. The heat can intensify the damage which is done to the hair normally through using heat styling appliances. Chlorine also from swimming pools and salt in the sea water can take its toll. 

So here are some of our top tips to keep your hair in beautiful condition this summer: 

  1. Use your Rock & Ruddle Natural Bristle hairbrush to ensure that you spread the sebum (oils made by your scalp) down each strand of hair. This will help to protect your hair from the environment keeping it supple and silky all summer long. 
  • Use A Hair Mask
    Use a nourishing hair mask and apply it once a week at home. Then brush it through with a wide tooth comb like our Rock & Ruddle ones! 
    Some of our favourites are by Ouai Hair Care, Olaplex & Philip Kingsley. 
  • Wear A Hat
    Wearing a hat keeps your hair protected from damage caused by direct sunlight! Some of our favourite places to pick up our chic summer hats are Zara, H&M & ASOS. 
  • Use a Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner
    Switch your usual shampoo & conditioner with super moisturising formulas! It will help lock in moisture and keep your hair sleek and frizz free!
    Some of our favourites are by Kérastase, L’Oréal & Philip Kingsley. 
  • Leave the Heat Alone!
    Try and use natural styling techniques without the need for curling tongs or hair straighteners. Why not try a beach wave with a texture spray? 
    Some of our favourites are by Herbivore, Percy & Reed & Ouai.  
  • Remember to eat healthy foods that can help nourish your hair, including those containing essential fatty acids, protein and vitamins A, C and E, as well as minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Zinc.
  • Finally, remember to keep drinking enough water (6/8 glasses each day) to keep hydrated throughout the day which will help keep you in the best possible glowing summer health!
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The gorgeous Summer Basket with Kylie Minogue 🥂💐

We have been very excited to launch our promotion this week with Wine Delivered and Kylie Minogue Wines offering a beautiful summer prize giveaway. The joy of an elegant bottle of Kylie Minogue sparkling Prosecco with its signature notes of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blossom and two glamorous Champagne glasses. To look your very best this summer our prize includes a Large Rose Gold and a Large Silver Rock & Ruddle hairbrush. Enjoy these beautiful hairbrushes which will detangle your hair effortlessly and make it silky and soft all summer long.

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There is no Ouch in Rock & Ruddle 😊

Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes are famous for creating beautiful silky and shiny hair. Our hairbrushes detangle gently and spread the natural oils from the scalp to the tips of your hair which both conditions and makes your hair look so healthy. One feature of all our hairbrushes that we are we are so happy and proud of is that our hairbrushes do not pull when they detangle. This is a quality that is much appreciated by children and adults alike, especially those with sensitive scalps. We receive so many happy messages from our customers appreciating that our hairbrushes do not pull which we love. Many tell us of children for whom hair-brushing was an ordeal and who now are happy to have their hair brushed with their Rock & Ruddle brush and also love our happy and colourful designs.

Rock & Ruddle – Turning brushing your hair from a task to a treat!

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Photo Magic 📸

We wanted to post a story to express our gratitude to amazing photographer Nick Moore for his contribution to the success of Rock & Ruddle since 2012. Thank you Nick for your lovely words and fabulous images:

I remember so clearly being asked by Alexandra and Jackie if I would be interested in working with their new company, to be called ‘Rock & Ruddle’. They would be making high quality hairbrushes to fill a gap in the market they had spotted – brushes where the design doesn’t rub off, in different sizes with a choice of bristle types and that lovely luxurious feel.  I suggested that it might be good to run some test shots in the studio before either of us committed to each other and some prototype brushes arrived which were GORGEOUS.  I knew there and then that I really wanted to work with this product and (in case you don’t already know it) these lovely people.

I worked hard on those pictures and was delighted to be appointed photographer for the then range of two brush sizes in eleven different designs.  Little did I know that nine years later, I would have photographed over 90 hairbrush and comb designs as well as the recently launched Super Size Luxury hairbrushes and that the pictures would be used globally at some of the most famous and respected retailers in the world.

I have been very lucky to work with some truly great photographers (and assist some of the greats when I was learning the trade).  Over the years, I have found myself alone in a room photographing world leaders, given “just three minutes” by a very famous musician (several hours after the appointed time) and have braved tear gas and rubber bullets in riots in the Far East amongst many other adventures, usually wondering how on earth this all happened. My cameras have taken me to exotic locations like the British Virgin Islands for a yachting magazine and a very unexpected call up from 10 Downing Street in recognition for photographic work to good causes.  

That’s all great but I’m really at my happiest just working in my London based studio taking pictures for the likes of Rock & Ruddle with my four legged assistant Lotta who really isn’t very much help.  

Do drop by and say hello if you would like to at or drop me an email at – Lotta and I will happily take a break to say hello.

Nick a very long time ago….

Nick a long time ago ……

Nick not very long ago…

Nick very recently….

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Our Big Splash- The Super Size Luxury Rock & Ruddle!

Rock & Ruddle was co-founded by Alexandra Rock & Jackie Ruddle. Manufacturing high-quality hairbrushes and combs featuring bright and beautiful designs. In response to popular demand from our customers we are super excited to announce the launch of our Super Size Luxury Hairbrush range! Our new gorgeous Super Size Luxury Brushes are extra large (23.5cm long) giving a smooth styling finish quickly and efficiently thanks to a large brush head and our top quality bristles. All our brushes feature bristles that care for your hair by detangling without pulling and conditioning by distributing the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair with each swipe. Hairstylists love to use these brushes with hair extensions too. You can also pop out our bristle pads to clean them easily! Our new Super Size Luxury Brushes are available in glamorous metallic and sparkly designs in bright Lemon, soft Lavender and cool Ice Blue! All available with our mixed bristles, our most popular bristle type!

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Our Team’s Handbag Essentials 👜

Here at Rock & Ruddle we all believed you should always be armed with your favourite products in your handbag …. how many depends on how big your bag is! We thought that it would be fun to share our favourite items!

Alexandra Rock – Co-Founder of Rock & Ruddle. I love my new vegan small rucksack style bag recently bought from M&S. I can fit my laptop in it and too many other items… my friend who is an osteopath recommends a ruck sack for those who carry too much about… Lip Gloss by Lily Lolo (a lovely UK brand for natural make up). Hand cream by Neal’s Yard (smells soooo lovely). Face Mask (hand made by my neighbour Hawa. Thank you!) Hand Sanitiser from Aromatherapy Associates (smells amazing!). Pulsin (a delicious and healthy protein snack bar to keep me away from sweets!) iPhone with silicone Bad Bear case which makes me smile and bounces when I drop my phone… Sunglasses from Specsavers which look like my Ray Bans which are long lost… Notepad from Sainsbury’s.  Two foldaway bags from SAKitToME which I use again and again and love and I can add everything to that which doesn’t fit in my bag! Chilly’s water bottle. My small Rock & Ruddle Folio Society Stripe hairbrush which is bright and happy and makes me think about the beach.

Jackie Ruddle –Co-Founder of Rock & Ruddle My favourite handbag at the moment is a crossbody one. I love having one of my hands free and not getting a shoulder ache! I have a thin wallet for cards and cash and a separate Paloma Picasso business card holder. As far as make up goes I only keep a Glossier lip gloss in mybag as I am not very good about reapplying make up on the go but I don’t like tangly hair so I am good about using my favourite small size Rock & Ruddle hairbrush in Rose Gold before I get to where I am going! I have reading glassed by Izipsi and lovely brand-new sunglasses from RayBan. A couple of face masks and hand sanitiser hand wipes by Popfresh plus a bag for life by Re-Uz London are the only other things I can fit in.

Fiona Sutherland – Customer Services Manager. Like everyone I have different handbags for different needs, depending whether I am walking the dogs, shopping, playing tennis or going out (I am dusting these off as they haven’t been used in a while!) The main contents for any handbag I use are: Hand cream –I love L’Occitane for dry skin but any will do. Lipstick –Chanel Rouge. Coco Shine Maui Jim’s Sunglasses –truly the best sunglasses ever.  Water Bottle (if I can fit it in). Headphones (if dog walking). Poo-bags (if dog walking). Bright pink Aspinal of London purse which seems to fit ‘everything’ in it and I love it. Face mask –Hush, Pink Leopard is my favourite. Thank you Father Christmas! Hand sanitizer Last, but by no means least, my small personalised Leaves & Berries Rock & Ruddle hairbrush,a must in anyone’s handbag!

Shaya Pabari –Social Media & Influencer Manager. I always tend to carry around quite small handbags as I am always on the go and frequently take the London underground. So I try to make sure that whatever I have is travel or mini sized! No.1 that I always throw into my bag is my everyday lip combo, which is MAC Soar Lip Liner, Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Day Slayer and Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. This Fenty lip gloss is a must have for any ladies of colour! I always tend to be running here and there so I do get shiny quite quickly so I always carry around a mattifying powder. My favourite is MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Powder with a Morphe retractable powder brush. I am all about keeping things slim and minimal so I carry all my essential cards in a YSL card holder. Of course you never know when the sun is going to come out in London so I always carry around my favourite Ray Ban sunglasses. I have super long hair which tends to get tangled up during the course of the day so I always carry my small Rock & Ruddle Peacocks hairbrush to make sure my hair always looks sleek! Lastly my hand sanitiser and two masks (of course!

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What we love most at Rock & Ruddle….

Nothing makes our team smile more than the happy reviews that we receive from our customers. Ever since we launched Rock & Ruddle in 2012 it has been joyful to hear how our customers love our hairbrushes. A big thank you to those who have sent us your reviews and comments. Happy phone calls have been wonderful too.
A quick recap of our best selling points for anyone reading this story who is new to our brand:

·  Our hairbrushes make your hair healthy and shiny with the added benefit of pain free detangling. They also help create volume.

·  Natural bristles for all hair types

·  Vegan bristle option

·  Our designs, personalised designs and even your own designs are available

·  Large size and small size hairbrush

·  Washable, removable and replaceable pads.

· Great combs

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Clean Clean Clean!

For many years before Jackie and I launched Rock & Ruddle we had been lucky to have discovered traditional natural bristle hairbrushes. I loved these brushes because they made my hair shiny and silky and they detangled without pulling. My daughter and I are both really sensitive to having our hair pulled so this was an wonderful feature. The only issue two issues I ever had with these hairbrushes, which inspired Jackie and I to create Rock & Ruddle, were that I dreamed of having a brush featuring a lovely design and also I found these brushes difficult to keep clean. 
We decided to launch our hairbrushes with bristles that could be easily removed to be cleaned. They are simply designed for our customers to be able to pull the bristle pad out of the brush back, comb any loose hairs from the bristles and then gently wash in warm soapy water before drying and pushing back into place. I like to use a very small amount of my favourite shampoo when I wash my brush.
This has proven to be a very popular feature with our customers and also with hair stylists using our brushes who can disinfect the bristles so easily. 

Rock & Ruddle – Turning brushing your hair from a task to a treat! 

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Our Rock & Ruddle Team’s Favourite Hair Products!

Here at Rock & Ruddle we love to promote all things hair related! Our team have some of the most luscious locks out there and we wanted to share some of our favourite hair products within our hair routine: 

Alexandra Rock – Founder of Rock & Ruddle 

I have always had dry hair and love the products below because they seem to make my hair shiny and soft. 

Shampoo – My favourite is Neal’s Yard Rose Shampoo

Conditioner – Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner = Hair rescue…

Hair Treatment – I have for a number of years coloured my wisps of grey hair at home in between visits to the hair salon. This has held me in good stead during recent lockdowns. I love Naturtint colour and hair masks. It is easy to use and creates amazing colour and covers any grey hairs as they appear! 

Hair Tool – I totally love my Rock & Ruddle LoveBirds hairbrush which combines fun and colour and it is a bush that detangles without pulling and keeps my hair shiny. 

Jackie Ruddle – Founder of Rock & Ruddl

Having worked at L’Oréal for over 10 years I am still addicted to their shampoos… you can take the girl out of L’Oréal but you can’t take the L’Oréal out of the girl! I have quite long thick hair which I have dyed, highlighted and coloured for years meaning that it is prone to being quite dry and damaged so I love this collection of deliciously fragranced products created especially to restore damaged hair. 

Shampoo – L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Nutrifier Shampoo

Conditioner – L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Absolute Repair Gold Conditioner

Hair Treatment – L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Nutrifier Hair Mask 

Hair Tool – My favourite brush of all time! The large Rock & Ruddle Acorns & Butterflies hairbrush with mixed bristles. I have had it since we launched and it is still going strong. 

Fiona Sutherland – Customer Services

I have very thick highlighted hair which has a very annoying, tendency to frizz. I have always liked to try new products but I find using the following products helps to keep it looking healthy, smooth and shiny. 

Shampoo – Tresemme Keratin Smooth and Klorane Shampoo with Camomile (if I want to enhance my highlights)

Conditioner – Tresemme Keratin Smooth and Klorane Conditioner with Chamomile 

Hair Treatment – Toni & Guy Radiating Topical Oil

Hair Tool – Babyliss Big Hair followed by my lovely large Green & Purple Shimmer Rock & Ruddle hairbrush. I also keep my personalised Leaves & Berries small hairbrush in my handbag at all times!

Shaya – Social Media & Influencer Manager 

I have super thick and long hair and until I found my ideal hair products listed below, I found that my hair always broke and looked super dull. Now, my hair is soft and super shiny! 

Shampoo – Olaplex No. 4

Conditioner – Olapex No. 5

Hair Treatment – Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment (absolute magic!!)

Hair Tool – Rock & Ruddle Beautiful Blue personalised hairbrush with my Dyson Air Wrap. The most perfect hair combination!

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Is it now Pooch and Puddle at Rock & Ruddle?

For a little while we have been thinking of creating a range for our best furry friends. What our secret detectives have discovered is that many of our customers are already using our hairbrushes to brush their cats and dogs! 
It seems that our mixed bristle pads work a treat when brushing both cats and dogs. Our bristle pads can be removed to be washed which is a  great feature when keeping our pets clean and tidy. Our hairbrushes do not pull when you brush and this is a great news for pets and humans alike.
Over time we have received some gorgeous photos and comments.

Sir Wallace 

“Well I have tried 5 different DOG brushes and they either poke his sensitive skin or pull his hair! He was on the verge of biting me every time I groomed him…. well I figured since my Rock and Ruddle brush works so well for me that it would work on Wallace! Well sure enough my brush worked well on his tangles! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful product!!❤️❤️❤️
Colleen D


“This is my own bred lovely lad Harley. He is Cream Shaded Cameo Persian . Harley loves to be brushed with his very own Rock & Ruddle Cats & Dogs brush. Harley is a prize winning cat & he needs to always be looking his best!”
Carole P


This is gorgeous Esher an Old English Sheep Dog who  is featured by one of our loyal customers on her Rock & Ruddle Design Your Own hairbrush.
” I will be ordering a brush or two for my Old English Sheepdogs, who we show, and actually one of them won her class at Crufts” 

Mel R

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What’s the hype about hair oiling?

Hey! I’m Shaya the social media and influencer manager here at Rock & Ruddle! I come from an Indian heritage and within my culture, since I was a young child, my grandma, mum and aunts have always oiled my hair with their secret recipe blend of oils and I wanted to share this hair oiling secret with all of you! 

Indians have been known to have beautiful long, thick and shiny hair. I think it is to do with all the hair oiling that we do! Hair oiling is part of the Indian science of Ayurveda and is a very sacred ritual within our culture. It is typically done before taking a shower or before bed at night. The hair oiling ritual consists of harnessing the powers of the natural oils and working them into the scalp by massaging giving moisture and nourishment to the scalp and hair. Helping to reduce dryness and giving our hair strength, softness, thickness and of course making it shiny. 

Hair oiling is a tradition of bonding that has been passed down from generation to generation. When my grandma lived with me it was our tradition every Sunday morning for her to warm up her special blend of oils on the hob and then I would sit in front of her and she would spend an hour or so rubbing in the oil and massaging it on every part of my hair. She would then brush through my hair with a comb much like the combs in the Rock & Ruddle collection and plait my hair and tell me to leave it overnight and wash it the next morning. 

So, what’s in our special blend of oils? Check out the recipe below:

Add all the below oils in equal parts: 

•          Sesame oil 

•          Castor Oil 

•          Olive Oil 

•          Almond Oil 

•          Coconut Oil 

•          Alma Oil 

Part your hair from bottom to top and rub the oil in from scalp to end. Comb through with your Rock & Ruddle comb to make sure that the oil is evenly distributed. Then braid your hair in a protective style and either leave overnight or under a cap to add some heat to your scalp to allow the oils to seep in. Wash thoroughly and use once a week to see the results of beautiful soft, shiny and strong hair!

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Rock & Ruddle Art Competition 2021🌟

Congratulations to everyone who entered our Rock & Ruddle art competition. We were blown away by the amazing designs we received. Our founders Alexandra and Jackie selected their favourite designs in each category as finalists to go through to the next round. Our wonderful and talented judge @claremackieillustration then selected the winners in each category! See our winners above!⁠⁠ Each of our winners will receive a large Rock & Ruddle hairbrush featuring their own design.
Thank you to everyone who took part in our competition! 🌟

If you would like to order one of our hairbrushes featuring your own design please see this link:

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Baby Rock & Ruddle

Spring is in the air and we are seeing so many gorgeous babies out and about in their prams in the parks of London.
Rock & Ruddle delight in creating beautiful baby brushes in a myriad of gorgeous designs. You can choose from one of our existing designs or personalise a hairbrush with the name of your special little one or even create a unique design yourself with our Design Your Own service.
We have a selection of bristle types to suit every hair type. For babies up to around two years of age we recommended our baby soft bristle pads which gently brush their hair and spread conditioning oils from scalp to the tip of each hair strand.
Our hairbrushes make beautiful long lasting gifts for births and christenings and even baby showers … which are so popular in America and becoming popular here too.
We have some gorgeous baby pictures to share with you. 

Credits – Instagram


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You have let us know that you love that our hairbrush pads can be removed to thoroughly clean your hairbrush.

We have also had customer requests that they would like to purchase new pads for their brushes SO we have now added a feature of being able to buy a replacement pad for your brush in both our small and large brush size and in any bristle type.

Your perfect brush!

Please order at

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We are excited to announce the launch of our unique
“Design Your own Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush” service on our website.

Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle created Rock & Ruddle in 2012 offering top quality natural bristle hairbrushes and combs in a myriad of gorgeous designs and colours.
This new idea for our unique new “Design Your Own” service resulted from the success of a super popular lockdown art competition held in April, when competition entrants created their own brush designs. Following the demand for combining personal creative input with the finest quality hairbrushes we are excited to now offer our customers the chance to create their own personally designed hairbrush.

You can find Rock & Ruddle’s irresistible range and our “Design Your Own” service here on our website.

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Rock & Ruddle and Naturtint teamed up this May to offer a lockdown hair survival kit of dreams 🌿🐞

Congratulations Lyn and Hannah who were the winners of our Lockdown Hair Survival Kit competition and each won a large Rock & Ruddle LadyBirds Hairbrush and matching Wide Tooth Comb AND a Naturtint Premium Hair Colour, Colour Shampoo and Protective Conditioner.

The competition captured the mood of the moment for the need for home hair care. To celebrate all the lovely entries and comments we received we offered everyone a 20% off ALL Rock and Ruddle products until the 31st May when using code PERFECTHAIR2020.⠀

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Our Rock & Ruddle Vintage Collection

We were inspired to create our Vintage collection at Rock & Ruddle by the popularity of retro fashion and vintage clothing in London where we are based. It seems to us that people of all ages love these beautiful gentle patterns combined with animal and floral prints in soft colours. The designs give a timeless and feminine feel. The hairbrush and comb collection look beautiful on a dressing table and are perfect to take out and about in a handbag or beach bag. Choose from our four Vintage designs. The items in this collection make perfect gifts.

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Rock & Ruddle Takes Flight

Rock & Ruddle has always strived to combine a top quality natural bristle hairbrush with really fun and beautiful art.

This Spring Jackie and Alexandra have been delighted to launch a really exciting range of hairbrushes which they have called “The Feathered Friends”. This quartet of hairbrushes feature gorgeous bird designs including flamingoes, lovebirds, peacocks and a duo of Jambu Fruit Doves “Making Up”.

Once again a collaboration with artist Clare Mackie has enabled Rock & Ruddle to offer these unique and gorgeous brushes to customers around the world.

Clare has incredible and enviable talent creating beautiful and whimsical characters and designs in all her work. The “Feathered Friends” collection has been inspired by Clare Mackie and Polly Pullar’s illustrated book “A Winged Collective.” This treasure of a book features descriptions of collective nouns for birds as well as Clare’s illustrations. We wholeheartedly agree with Mark Hedges in his foreword to the book: “Together Clare and Polly have cooked up a storm of hilarity and detail: not only are you going to have a book to treasure visually, but also one to learn from”. Jackie and Alexandra have learned that their brushes feature a flamboyance of flamingoes, a cleaving of lovebirds and an ostentation of peacocks! Wonderful!

Beautiful brushes and fascinating books….is there a collective noun for this?

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Always wanted beautiful swishy hair that grows thick and plentiful? We all do!

Here are a few tips from Rock and Ruddle both from a nutritional and a lifestyle perspective to ensure that you enjoy shiny locks all year around.

Use a great hairbrush! A hairbrush that has natural bristles helps to condition your hair by pulling the sebum (natural oils made by your scalp) down each shaft of hair keeping it supple and shiny! A Rock & Ruddle hairbrush with natural bristle will keep your hair gorgeous and glossy whilst making you smile too with their beautiful designs.

Don’t wash you hair too often as you will wash away the natural oils and cause your hair to become dry.

Use good quality mild organic shampoos to cleanse your hair gently. My personal favourites are Neal’s Yard and Organic Surge Shampoos and Conditioners.

Eat well! For optimum condition your body and your hair need a great supply of nutrients just like your car needs good fuel to run well. Your hair is made of protein. Make sure there is enough quality protein in your diet and your hair will benefit greatly. Not enough protein and your hair risks to become dry and brittle and then break. Choose lean meats such as turkey and chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs. Good vegetarian sources include legumes and nuts.

Include lots of foods with good supplies of minerals important to hair growth. These include iron from red meat, chicken and fish which are easily absorbed as they exist in these foods in the most bio-available form. Vegetarians can find good iron sources in lentils and other green leafy vegetables and salads. Zinc and selenium are important too and can be found in beef, eggs, nuts. and oysters.

Include lots of food with good supplies of vitamins vital to hair growth. These include Vitamin A from orange and yellow coloured vegetables as well as from animal products such as liver. Vitamin C from fruit (berries are a wonderful source) and sweet potatoes and peppers as well. Vitamin E from nuts and seeds. Biotin found in whole grains, egg yolk, liver and yeast.

Essential Fatty Acids are vital fats for good health as well as for healthy hair. Our body can not make these so a good supply in our diets is very important. You will find omega 3 in oily fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel and also in plant sources such as nuts and seeds. Omega 6s are good too and are found in nuts and seeds aswell.

A good quality supplement can be helpful at times of stress and if your hair is looking out of condition. You can consult a nutritional therapist for advice.

A great tip from my hairdresser has been to rub some coconut oil into the ends of my hair when they are dry and then tie my hair up over night. Wash out in the morning and you will find the tips of your hair soft and conditioned.